Voices of the Dead

Eleven months ago when my brother passed over to heaven, my good friend Karen sent me a beautiful flower basket. It was overflowing with plant goodness and although I know I took pictures, of course, I can’t find those today. Here is the basket today. I’m so glad that I saved it, as many plants do insist on continued life. When the first one came up this time, we pulled it out of the garage. When it snowed, it temporarily went back in!

Do you believe that the dead speak from heaven?

My daughter is convinced that red-tailed hawks are the spirit animal of her father, who passed in 2013. Without fail, these birds have appeared on special days and she even got a tattoo to commemorate this. When they appear, she feels peace and knows that her father is there.

“This is God’s way of telling you He loves you.” I tell her.

I see a few occasionally, and recently I realized that these sightings that I have as well are also sometimes on special days. Recently when my middle son and fiancée announced their engagement, I looked out my bedroom that evening to see one sitting there, after never seeing one in our neighborhood before. And haven’t since either. His dad won’t be here to see the wedding, and experience holding our very first granddaughter. I can only hope that someday there will be a very big reunion in heaven. That someday he will get to meet and hug all of his descendants.

Why is this on my heart? Well, since Rick died eleven months ago, I’ve had a few dreams with him in them. And in each dream, he was either unable to speak or wouldn’t speak. My friends on Facebook also agreed-they also had dreams about loved ones who have passed-but they didn’t speak.

Never before have I been without hearing from my brother for a year’s time.

But last night was different.

In last night’s dream, we had kiddos roaming around us. And he was holding one on his hip. And I got a half-hug (since one arm/hip was occupied). I told him that I loved him. And then he clearly said: “I love you too. Hang in there with me. This is how it needs to be for a while. Be strong.” He then pulled away and talked about how this next section in these children’s lives was so very important and how he wanted to make a forever impact on their lives. The second part of the conversation was very typical of him and reminded me of how he would talk of his passion to change Hollywood and impact the industry for Jesus.

The first part, I’ve not heard before.

Well, perhaps I have. When I was a single mom a long time ago, he was so proud to give me a framed picture of a migrant pea worker who was a single mom and literally moved farm-to-farm to pick and provide for her kids. I questioned it at the time. Since then, many have told me the story behind the photo and that he was saying to me:

You are strong and courageous.

I am. I will be. And although the tears are close today, I know that I will see him again. I take comfort in that.

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Abundant Life-Only in Heaven?

During dinner with my beautiful African American friend the other day (outside with social distancing), she lamented that the world is just getting worse. Why can’t we get a glimpse of the abundant life that God has promised us?

Something popped out of my mouth that I had never thought of before. It surprised even me.

What if that abundant life He promises is not meant to be here on earth? What if it is awaiting us in heaven?

Let’s consider. We are here on earth (God willing) for 80-100 years. But we are in heaven for eternity. I’m thinking that when we’ve been in heaven for a couple of thousand years, life here on earth will seem like a VERY brief interlude. Somewhere we were placed for an extremely short amount of time in order to fulfill whatever it is God asked us to do there.

Dick Bonn familyLife is Temporary. Eternal Life is Abundant.

In no way will our time here on earth be the majority of our lives.

I am missing my brother in heaven today as the Fourth was a day that we gathered at the beach. We usually watch the parade, help the kids collect the tossed candy, help kids trade their candy and eat together at mom and dads. But I neglected to prepare for today being difficult-missed that somehow.

I take comfort in the fact that I know he is experiencing true abundant life with our Father. And maybe-just maybe-he has a window from heaven today to wave “hello” to the rest of us.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. -John 10:10, NIV

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. -John 10:10, ESV

Rick Bonn Obituary

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Does My Sin Affect My Prayers For Others?

Proverbs 15:29 The LORD is far from the wicked, but he hears the prayer of the righteous.

It’s not always easy to write insights from the Lord. And for me, nasty pride can certainly get in the way. Often I learn my lessons through failure and writing about them to others. Of course, that means that I have to admit to them.

I suspect you understand exactly what I mean.

God’s given me hints throughout life that he hears my prayers and blesses me more when I am following fully what He wants of me. This makes perfect sense. But what I didn’t realize until a few weeks ago is that my prayers for others might also be affected when I am not fully being obedient.

When God Keeps Hinting

Recently, I finally gave in on something that God had asked me to do. I mean, not only did He ask, He sent hint after hint after hint that this is what He wanted to do. Ongoing. For several months. And I fought it with all that I have. Have you guessed that I am stubborn? Sigh. I should have known that I wouldn’t have full peace until I was obedient.

It did not completely surprise me that God started answering more of my prayers for myself when I finally gave in.

What surprised me is that He started answering my prayers for other people. For instance, I was helping a gal who was in a custody suit for her child after a very abusive marriage. Her former husband was being manipulative and abusive. The courts believed him. Between him and his attorney, they had not only convinced the courts that she was crazy, but they had taken her child away a year ago. She’d been unable to see or talk to her child since. In spite of me helping her try to get representation and praying fervently with her week after week after week, everything continued to go downhill. Until last week. One of our prayers was finally answered-just as she was ready to give up. She now has hope.

Answered Prayers

At a weekly class that I hold, three other women came forward and said that God had answered our prayers from the week before. And that was just the beginning. There became so many “answers to my prayers” that every time I turned around, there was a new one. And in addition, an area of my life that had not shown progress for years suddenly made a turn for the better within days.

Deuteronomy 28:1-2 says “Now it shall be, if you diligently obey the Lord your God, being careful to do all His commandments which I command you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. All these blessings will come upon you and overtake you if you obey the Lord your God:…” I will let you read the rest of the verse as there are some interesting things that meant a lot in that day (blessings of crops, etc) but would likely be a bit different these days.

Lion and the lamb

Now are these answers to prayer due to ME? Absolutely not. Nothing to do with me. Only the mighty power of our Lord God who wanted to show me that He truly does bless those who fully obey Him.

I Feel Guilty

I struggle with some guilt now, of course. Would more of my prayers for others have been answered if I had been obedient earlier? Several times in His word, God specifically mentions blessings for future descendants due to acts of obedience. Have I been the block in some of my descendants fully accepting the love of God for them?

I experienced the other side a few days ago. I had been having pain in an area and a specific ultrasound showed nothing. A new ultrasound with different parameters was ordered for next week. But on Saturday after I had prayed for the ladies in my morning Zoom group, one of them requested to pray for me. I felt comfortable so shared some of what has been going on. She prayed for me and can you guess what happened next? My pain disappeared. It’s been gone now for two days.

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.
Psalm 145:18

Thank you, Lord.

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Remembering Rick Bonn

He was my brother. He was 52. And he went to heaven on March 19th of this year. Way too young. This is more than difficult. Here are my words to him:

Dear Rick,

I know my tribute has been a bit long in coming. But I have been trying to wake up from this bad dream that started over two weeks ago with you becoming seriously sick.

I guess today is the day to pounce on it since I wrote your obit as well. UGH. LOL. Never a job I wanted to have but happy to help your family survive this. And not only that-but to eventually thrive. Because they will.

The Migrant Pea Worker

Do you remember this framed picture that you bought me several years ago? I was a single mom at the time. And although I looked at her and later told you, “she’s old looking” (LOL to that now that I DO have wrinkles and grey hair), you laughed. “That doesn’t say ‘old’ to me.” You said, “That is a woman of tremendous courage and strength. And she reminds me of you.” I quickly shut up. Because a compliment from my brother was…WOW!

Ever since that time, she has sat on my bedroom dresser in each one of our homes. She is my reminder that you thought of me as strong and courageous, and it is a nudge to continue to work on living up to that. I will do this, brother. For you, and the sake of my family and also for the sake of your family still here with us.

migrant pea worker from Rick Bonn

I think I mentioned this, but in case I forgot, I’m confessing now. There was a time in jr high when I truly was tired of hearing all about you. For many years, I attempted to live up to what you accomplished and fell drastically short. Great grades came easy for you, while I struggled for every “A” or “B”. Athleticism, popularity and friends were also a big part of your life. Yes, there was quite a bit of time that when I heard “are you related to Rick?” (because I heard it a lot), and I denied it completely.

Other students probably laughed at me.

You were not only stellar at the debate team, you excelled in arguments with me and that was the worst of all. But I will never forget your encouragement when I tried out for Jazz Choir/Highlighters, (South Kitsap High School). I wasn’t even going to look at the posted acceptance list. But you and our friend Christian Weber basically dragged me down the hallway and read the list as I hid my face. In a short time, you were both whooping and hollering and I was red-faced but pleased as could be. Thank you for supporting me and for knowing that I could do it.

Thank you, for being my example of how to love Christ, and to make Him first in my life. You seldom stepped off the path that I loved to wander from and I suspect you are now being rewarded for that. Well done, my brother. I will read “Blue Like Jazz” again, in memory of you.

A pain-in-the-butt sister

I can only imagine that at times I was a pain-in-the-butt sister. Check that-I KNOW I was. I know this because you also had your share of being a pain. But I am grateful that God chose me to be in your family and I’m grateful for the parts of you that have been left behind in your children. I will hold them close and treasure them. Remind them of memories and tell them stories. We will not let your legacy die. People all over the world are telling us how you greatly impacted their lives. You didn’t realize this so I pray that God has shown that to you now. You made a forever impact and were loved by us all.

I am proud to be your one and only sister. And in truth, I always have been.

Miss you and love you.

Letter from Rick Bonn



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Rick Bonn Obituary

Rick Bonn (Richard Wayne Bonn), age 52 of Newbury Park, CA graduated to heaven on March 19, 2020. He leaves behind his wife of 25 years, Shanda Gibson Bonn, and children Fiona, Jacob and Joseph Bonn. He also leaves parents, Richard L. and Dolores Bonn, one sister, Julie Bonn Blank and family, and one brother, Jason Bonn and family. Although we know heaven has gained a star and that it was the most joyful day of Rick’s life, many of us here will miss him deeply.

Rick Bonn loved movies

Rick Bonn on beachRick had a passion for movies and bringing the love of Jesus to others through movies, both secular and spiritual. He worked in creative development in Hollywood for over 20 years. He worked with Wind Dancer Films, Nickelodeon, Providence Entertainment, Keystone Films, PorchLight Entertainment, and most recently, Pure Flix Entertainment, where he developed “The Case for Christ,” the project he was most proud of. One of the many highlights of his Hollywood career was the opportunity to consult on the 2018 film “Buttons: a Christmas Tale” with one of his childhood heroes, Dick Van Dyke. He was also a talented teacher, speaker, writer, actor and singer.

Rick graduated from South Kitsap High School (Port Orchard, WA) in 1986 and from Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) in 1991. He also pursued writing studies at UCLA and theology and film studies at Multnomah University and Fuller Theological Seminary. He loved his family, Cannon Beach, Disneyland, comic books and musical theatre. And he was captivated by the miraculous, the mysterious, and the unusual, from the lives of saints to aliens to Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster.

Rick impacted lives

Rick impacted more lives than he realized. The words and tributes coming in from around the world are heartfelt and beautiful. His impact on all was significant and lasting.

People are irreplacable

He was a deep thinker who penned these words several months ago. “I think the sad thing about death I’m starting to realize in middle-age is that there’s no replacing those who pass on. Yes, circle of life. Yes, afterlife. Memories live on. Next generation up. All that. But the people and family you’ve come to love in your life–there is no one specifically and particularly like them–and when they’re gone, there is no one who CAN replace them. So you miss them. There’s an absence in your life, a void. Because they were unique. They were special. Good and bad. We all are. Guess that’s why we’d better spend as much time loving our people and ourselves NOW.”

Imdb info


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Two Things To Do While Waiting

Waiting is a gift. At times it doesn’t feel like a gift. It feels like we are pinned down or behind a fence at the zoo. But as we wait, things are happening behind the scenes. They will be revealed in God’s time, in His manner, with His ultimate wisdom.

During this time of waiting, I have consciously chosen two thought processes to focus on that then affect my decisions and actions.

I choose to trust.

Yes, it is a choice. It isn’t always easy to trust, especially when we cannot see or touch God. But this is not the end of our life book. In spite of hardship, job changes, social distancing and the grieving of how life was, this is only a middle. In fact, in light of eternity, we are only in our introductions. Our stories are still being revealed and I trust God in not only writing mine, but managing it as well.

I choose to look for what He wants me to learn during this time.

How is He asking me to draw closer to Him? What opportunities is He giving me and what surprises does He have for me? One of these for me has been the gift of more time-time to read His words and more time to pray. Another has been the opportunity to mentor several ladies through some tough times in their lives and another who is a new believer and wants to grow. Thirdly, because our churches are virtual, there are wonderful opportunities to immerse myself in more messages pointing me to Christ. Any time of day or night. These messages have been a huge encouragement and draw me closer to my Savior.

We have our Lord’s assurance that He will never leave or forsake us. I believe that during this time of waiting, He wants us to draw closer, to depend on Him more and to make that daily (sometimes hourly) choice to trust Him.

I can’t wait to hear what He is teaching you.

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 

The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. Lamentations 3:25

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Community Power

When I was a child, power outages were just plain fun. It meant popcorn on the wood stove, fishing for flashlights, scrounging for supplies and scaring each other by popping out from behind a door. It meant heading to the bathroom in the pitch dark-and then remembering that a source of light would be needed.

I was unafraid and taken care of. The rotary phone usually still worked. Literally, my brothers and I would cheer when the lights when out-even the time it went out mid-Thanksgiving Day one year. Our turkey was done. I learned later that others were not as fortunate. Many barbeques were fired up in Port Orchard that year.

Power Outage Stress

As an adult, power outages meant stress. With babies who would not drink cold milk, days off from school, hours without the distraction of electronics, limited light hours to play board games or read books and a sick husband, I came to my wit’s end a few times. My dad brought us firewood a few times. My mom sent food and ice for our cooler.

Once, the power was out for six days when we lived in Seaside (no wood stove or fireplace and the folks were several States away). Our city made the national news, supplies could not be brought in due to downed trees (we were largely out of food and water at the stores) and our cell phones worked only in one tip of the county near the beach. While trying to conserve gas, people drove to The Cove every other day or so to give out-of-area families an update.

I Dreaded The Night

It was cold. I dreaded the dark each night and was pretty sure insanity was knocking at my door. Every moment was from hundreds of years ago-I was either trying to sanitize the dishes from the last meal in some way or trying to figure out how to cook the next meal. This took HOURS each day. And although we had a little camp cooker, propane in the area quickly sold out. We tried to check on the older neighbors but more often, the knock was on our door. At one point, we had two meals of fresh sturgeon as the neighbors cleared out their deep freezer.

I was the adult. I was responsible. Power outages were no longer fun.

These days, power outages are slightly more fun. The kids are grown and fairly responsible, and my now-hubby  takes good care of us. The pressure is greatly reduced.


Our Community Power

But where would I have been without community?

The more I read and get to know God, the more I realize that we were never meant to do life alone. He placed us here in a planned community-to support and love each other. To uphold each other when things get tough. To show love to our neighbors and show light when a house is in darkness.

Going uphill is so much easier when others are there to help push and provide some of what you need along the way. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

There have been times when I have isolated myself from community. When I have barricaded myself in. When I have been stubborn and insisted that I can do it on my own. Sometimes, I pull into myself. I put up a wall or shell and pretend I am both independent and untouchable.

But none of that is true.

I am nothing without you. And, admit it or not, you need me too. WE are community. We are community power. If no one is reaching out to you, please reach out to them.

They are waiting for you.

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Desperation and Provision

Thank you, friends, for your prayers. As you know we’ve been searching for a rental home for 3 months now to no avail. It’s been very stressful as we were running out of time. I have been commuting to work (1.5 hours each way) and going over three snowy mountain peaks each way to do so. At times it has been dangerous. I’ve watched one car go over an embankment and two flip upside down. Twice I had to turn around and go home. A couple of times, I had to spend the night in Portland. God kept me safe…and kept me guessing.

Oh where, oh where was His perfect house for US?

No Yards!

After several showings of houses I just couldn’t see working (especially ones no room for the veggies I love to grow and with NO yard for Mocha and/or chicken wire fences she would gladly spring over to chase a fellow creature), I felt rather discouraged.

It appeared God had brought us home to Oregon, only to not provide a longer-term home. Counter-intuitive and counter-productive. I continued to choose to trust on an hourly basis while you and my co-workers/friends at work prayed. I kept looking at listings, completed walk-throughs and again (firmly) turning it all over to His care. But the stress was high.

A House in Repair

A couple of months ago we dismissed a house that was being repaired and the owner recently messaged and said it was almost ready. She sent updated pictures. I decided to go walk through, but I almost canceled. Instead, the owners worked around my two schedule changes. But desperation is….desperation, right? Yes, I can say it. I felt desperate. Although the house was a bit out of the way, we had to find one. Within the week.

I walked in the house finally and before I was in the entryway, clearly heard in my heart, “THIS is your house”. Okaaaay. First I’d heard that one. I completed the tour and asked about the application process carefully, ever in mind that we had already had a turn-down elsewhere in favor of another tenant. (It’s much like being rejected for a date – makes it much harder to ask the second time. Lol)

I tried hard not to dance OUT the door after I saw this wonderful home and realized that it was priced under what all the other, imperfect ones were at. I then floated to the car and sat literally shaking with adrenaline as I sent my husband a text, “This is our house.”

This Is Our House

“OK,” he said. (Gotta love him! If it had been me I probably would have said “but what about…”)! I couldn’t start driving for five minutes as I trembled, thanked God, and dared to hope.

The application process was simple and online. We turned it in while hubby was on an overnight layover at our local airport and paid half the nonrefundable credit check fees that other landlords were charging. In addition, they only required backgrounds for hubby and I, not including oldest son as others have done.

After I saw the new pictures I said “so it needs a fridge, washer and dryer?” And they answered, “if you need a fridge, we’ll get you one.” As I toured through with the husband owner (my first time touring and first time meeting him), he informed me that the fridge would arrive the next day.


But We Have A Dog…and a Bunny…and a Gecko

I later reminded them we had a dog and would try to keep muddy footprints off the carpet and they replied, “Eh, we have a dog. Everyone has a dog. We aren’t worried.”

Later I told them that we might need a couple of days before April to get moved in as April 1 is a Monday and we both work. They said “no problem. House is yours. We have no issues passing the keys as soon as we finish carpet installation.”

May I note here that although we will pay them, we haven’t yet done so?

I informed them the next day that we needed to leave for a family funeral in PA so couldn’t return the papers yet….but we love the house…and they said “done deal. The house is still yours. We won’t rent it to anyone else.”

Then I had to let them know what should have been the final straw- there is a REPTILE in our home. Eeek! They laughed.

Facebook Made the Match

The wife told her husband that we were supposed to be the tenants after I posted our need on a Facebook group and we then communicated more. Two months ago. Two long months of us not finding a decent home.

Tonight we signed our lease. I respectfully mentioned that I love to plant veggies. They answered that we can plant whatever we want-as long as it isn’t bamboo. They then went on to offer our favorite food-berries! In the Spring and Summer their new acreage produces more than they can use. Are we interested in taking some off their hands? (This was after the boys and I were lamenting the lack of decent winter berries at our local markets yesterday).

Desperation….not such a bad place when we let God work in His timing. It pays off.

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Rojo The Therapy Llama

Life is slower at the beach. And our days are often more interesting than at any other time in our lives.

Yesterday after a two-hour, beautiful drive along Highway 30, we met Rojo the certified therapy Llama who lives at Mountain Peaks Therapy. We also met his alpaca buddy Napoleon, other friends in his herd and his human family, Lori and Shannon (author of the children’s books, “Where is my Hair?” and “The Perfectly Imperfect Llama”). Our treat of the day was carrots and they did almost everything possible to sample the wares until my bag ran out.

Rojo and Julie Bonn Blank

Rojo Trotting

I must tell you the sight of Rojo trotting at full speed to meet me was brilliant. His red fur flew along behind him. His eyes were huge and he held his head high. I suspect he was hoping to go bye-bye as his van and trailer were parked behind me. He decided that he was pretty pleased with the carrots instead.

It’s different spending time with animal that can meet you eye-to-eye. My life is filled with pets of the domestic kind much closer to the ground versus ones that stand as tall as I do. As these animals gathered around for carrots, looking me straight in the eye, I remembered my manners a few times and looked away first. “Your herd, not mine.” But looking into their huge eyes, wondering what they were thinking (“food?”) fascinated me.

Rojo is a cuddler and he often placed his head on my shoulder. His fur (fiber as they call it) is extremely soft and he liked the neck strokes the best, These therapy animals often visit hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers and struggling individuals. They can help with PTSD, depression, anxiety and much more. When people have difficulty being comfortable with other people, animals can often bridge that gap. If you follow their Facebook pages, you will see that Napoleon recently even went to church. These animals also attend private events, including 30-50 weddings a year, birthday parties and more.

Thank you to Mountain Peaks for a wonderful visit. We enjoyed getting to know both the humans and the herd!

UPDATE: Rojo has passed to Llama heaven-a likely victim of cancer. See his tribute here.

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Oregon Bound

Life is starting anew. It’s time to go home to Oregon! We’ve lived near Chicago now for four years. None of us have been thrilled about it (especially the weather). With the idea that we would seek to live back in the Northwest someday, we continued forward because we were called here-for a bit. But a year or so ago, both hubby and I became discontent in our jobs. We sought some sound advice, as we both like to do, and something my dad said really struck me. “God moves you forward in two ways. He either brings up an offer elsewhere you just can’t refuse or He makes you very discontent with where you are.”


I Went Home For Three Weeks

I took three weeks and went home this past summer to go to a class reunion, family reunions and to celebrate my dad’s 80th. The youngest came along. With the exception of missing hubby, middle and Mocha doggie (2 out of 3 came to visit halfway through-we didn’t want to put Mocha through just a “visit plane ride” lol). I didn’t really want to come “home” to Chicago when the three weeks was done. On the West Coast, we have my parents (for a half year), two brothers and families, our two daughters, my hubby’s sister and family, friends and of course, THE BEACH.

I didn’t quite understand the need that I felt to quit my day job in Chicago a couple of months ago. I am a logical and fairly practical person, with some emotions tossed in. But the thought was persistent and when some things happened there that I was uncomfortable with, I chatted with hubby. “What are you going to do?” He said as I nodded vigorously. I had no idea. Only knew, for some odd reason, that it “was time.” But never before have I quit a job without something else in place! Perhaps I was going insane? And yet, the idea wouldn’t leave my brain.

Youngest and me

I Was Obedient to God

I gave notice. They asked for 3 more weeks after the 2 and I agreed since nothing else had come up, and I left for good about 10 days ago. And here is what has happened since I was obedient to what God was telling me to do:

  • Within 4 days I had an agreement from an agent who wants to represent my novel about human trafficking. We’re ironing the details out. I’ve written a picture book now too and have a good start on a chapter book. Looking forward to #NaNoWriMo!
  • Within 8 days I had an offer for employment on the West Coast, with an organization (ARMS) that focuses on domestic violence ministry. I teach groups for them here, help them afar with marketing and have always wanted to help more in some way. This organization was essential in my healing from past abuse.
  • God provided twice the amount of income via self-employment my first week “unemployed” than I earned at the day job, with more in the pipeline.

I just have to tell you, the opportunities keep flowing in. All because I was obedient, and apparently it is time. I have accepted the job in Oregon. I will work in Chicago from afar for a few months as well as keeping up on writing and marketing clients. We will relocate before Christmas (hopefully-keeping the Chicago-to-the-Rockies weather in mind).

Your prayers are appreciated for employment there for hubby and for logistics and adjustments for my boys, pets, etc. We need to sell the house. There is a lot to still figure out!

Thank you for your support and prayers!

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