Mixin’ It With KBOO

I visited KBOO radio in Portland last night to be a guest on Calculated Conversations. What a fun time! Hosts David Jefferson and Kan Jones had heard about ARMS from one of my co-workers. David attended the banquet in October. Because they like to talk about deep subjects on their show, David brought up the banquet and how eye-opening it was to hear about abuse in our communities.

Fast forward to last night. I’ve never been on the radio before but it was a good experience. I, of course, took hubby for both moral support and driving as I drive too much as it is. Plus, he is super good at parallel parking in tight spaces in the city. About that time I’m wishing for a Smart or European car, he’s already in the space.

Julie being nervousKan met with us ahead of time and we made good conversation about traffic, the show and extreme growth in Portland. And he told us about his day job for a construction company.

Both David and Kan are not only great hosts but I was impressed with their hearts and their desire to educate on the topics that we all should be talking about. They were obviously very touched as we chatted and also after we received a call in from a lady who was just out of a traumatic and abusive experience.

Thank you David and Kan, for making my first radio experience a great one!

You can listen or download the broadcast here.

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Scary Platform Building

My schedule has taken a leap lately. I’m not sure why it happened. Or how. But God seems to be doing something and I’m just hanging on for the ride. As writers, we hear a lot of this: You have to build your platform. Publishers are not interested in your stories unless you can sell books. “The Platform” helps this to happen.

I do have a social media platform, as some of you know (with Twitter being the largest), and I do have some media exposure, but it was a long time ago. Not timely enough. When I decided that I need to write again, it also meant that I needed to start platform-building yet again. Sigh.

Julie Bonn Blank Speaking and CollaborationWriting a book is no longer just writing a book-it is marketing a book (and yourself), as well.

A few months ago, I had the privilege of speaking to 70 Physician Assistant students at Pacific University about domestic violence and how to look for it in their patients. I not only had several students want to talk afterward, but I also received a very sweet thank you card from one of the students who appreciated the sharing.

A month later, through my work at ARMS, I was able to share my story at Stomp Out Abuse 2019. I was terrified, and my voice shook the whole time. I vowed to never do it again. LOL. But, you guessed it, two weeks ago I was sharing my story as well as a talk on how to help clients set boundaries when a restraining order is not possible to Family Skillbuilders. These amazing people help DHS caseworkers with home visits when children are separated from their families. I was upbeat after that class and but still said, “Okay, that’s enough of that.” I left as soon as I could scoot out of there although I heard other speakers visited for an hour (oops).

What’s The Secret to Getting Appearances?

Do I know the secret? No. Although I have a background in Marketing/PR, I did not seek any of these engagements. In fact, to be honest, my initial reaction to almost all of them was resistance. Several times, I resisted more than once. I am resistant by nature-just ask my parents.

But I do know what steps I have made. God spoke to me a long time about sharing more of my story and I fought and argued about this for a long time. My story made me emotional-I hate to cry in front of others, it was scary to think about again, I didn’t want to “relive it” and I was very concerned about it affecting my children and family in a negative way by sharing the truth.

When I finally accepted a few months ago that God was calling me to share more of my story, I assumed it was a book. Bummer, because I really would rather write novels. My dad said at the time, “maybe it’s not writing it” and at the time I brushed it off. Of course, it would probably be writing it-I do love to write after all. So I sat down and wrote some of it out.

This writing didn’t become a book, and I’m not seeking for it to become one. However, it has become a very needed script guiding me as I speak to others about my experience.

Is God Calling You To Talk?

Is God calling YOU to talk about something scary? You can do it, if so. He will give you strength, and many may reap the rewards. There is a reason that God is asking and if you are too scared or hesitant-you can bet that Satan is working HARD to reduce your message’s effectiveness. When you speak it, you will not only experience victory over him but will reap the rewards for obeying God.

Let’s chat about Julie speaking to your group.

Here is a glimpse of my speaking schedule for the next few months:

October 30th– Filming some of my story for a video for the Washington County Family Justice Center. This will be played at a fundraiser that I will attend and also speak at, as well as used throughout the next year.
November 1st– Interviewing with a news station, also about my story and the benefits of the Family Justice Center.
November 12th– Interview with KBOO radio for “Calculated Conversation” in Portland, OR.
December 12th– Teaming up with Family Justice Center to do DV training at Community Action
February 22nd– Speaking at the Oregon Christian Writers Conference on Social Media and Building a Platform.

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The Three Things to Say to an Abuse Survivor

Last night I had the privilege of speaking to 200 people on behalf of The Family Justice Center-Washington County We were there for the annual Denim & Diamonds fundraiser and I was terrified. I have just recently started speaking about my story of abuse and it doesn’t seem to get any easier. I want to thank Toni Loch, the Executive Director of FJC and Judy Willey, Board President, who have been so incredibly supportive of me speaking out. If you are interested, there are two videos below with bits of my journey.

In this first talk, I said there are two things you should say to survivors that are so very important. However, I pulled the wrong bullet point (nerves!) when I was speaking. Ha. So for those of you wondering, there are actually three points and these are:

  1. I believe you. (No matter how crazy their story must seem). Victims/Survivors often have years of family members and friends who feel they might be exaggerating.
  2. This is not your fault. Victims/Survivors also spend much of their time being blamed for the abuse. “If you hadn’t done this, I wouldn’t have responded that way”. We also spend time hearing well-meaning people tell us that perhaps couples counseling would be of help). Why I don’t recommend couples counseling in cases of abuse.
  3. You are not alone. Please let me help you.

What you didn’t see:

After I spoke and headed off the stage, the emcee stopped me and gave me a warm embrace. And then he asked the audience to all say together, “Julie, we believe you” and “Julie, you are not alone.” WOW! I was floored! This was a wonderful healing moment that I wish for each of you as well.

Earlier in the week, we filmed a promo video. Although much of my story didn’t make it onto this one (we filmed for 30 minutes, and about 30 seconds made the cut-about standard-I hear), I hope that it will both help people come forward to report and received help for abuse, as well as raise needed funds for The Family Justice Center, Washington County.

The 10 Things You Must Know When Helping a Survivor

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Featured in Glen Ellyn Living

I enjoyed being featured in Glen Ellyn Living recently about Glen Ellyn Rocks. The article also mentioned my writing/marketing activity and my upcoming book. I met their writer Alicia at the Taste of Glen Ellyn 2018 at a booth for Glen Ellyn Rocks. She also manages Glen Ellyn Moms Village.

What is Glen Ellyn Rocks? It is a Rock Painting group-the kind that is popular in many villages/towns and intended to help build community, activity and joy in our families and neighborhoods. We like to hashtag the rocks we paint with #FBGlenEllynRocks so people know they can find the group on Facebook. Please feel free to join us there!

When we paint rocks, most styles apply. They can be words of encouragement, animals, stripes, hearts or whatever kid-friendly design that you enjoy or whatever your kids want to paint! Then you hide the rocks in Glen Ellyn somewhere and post hints on the group site as to where you hid them. People will follow up and find your rocks and often post their pictures of joy in finding them.

If you find a rock, you are free to keep it or re-hide it.

Thanks to the Glen Ellyn Chamber for inviting us to the Taste of Glen Ellyn! We had a great time!



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